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Bjork to become headliner of open air `Piknik Afishi`

The famous Iceland singer Bjork will become the main special guest of the 9th yearly musical open air `Piknik Afishi` 2012 that will take place in Moscow in the reserve museum `Kolomenskoye` on July 21.

The foreign artist will present the songs from the last studio album Biophilia and perform the old hits, accompanied by the Iceland orchestra, to the capital audience.
We’d remind you that the headliners of the festival were Amanda Palmer, Courtney Love, Zemfira, the bands “Mummy Troll”, “Leningrad”, Madness, Kaiser Chiefs, Junior Boys and others.

The minimal ticket price will be 1500 roubles, and closer to the show it’ll be higher.

Source: http://www.tophit.ru








Anita Tsoy acts out scene from her new music video




Diana Arbenina to present DJ-set on VINYL Garage Market




Vera Brezhneva assigned to UNO program goodwill ambassador





24 November / Monday


Vika Dayneko



"My Lover"

Alena Valensiya

"Eto Ya"



Clean Bandit Feat. Jess Glynne

"Real Love"

Smash feat. Livingstone

"The Edge (Новый Год Рядом Remix)"

Boogrov feat. Aluna


Selah Sue



22 November / Saturday


Top Hit Chart

Top Hit Chart 2014-11-22-206-1

Top Hit Chart

Top Hit Chart 2014-11-22-206-2

Top Hit Chart

Top Hit Chart 2014-11-22-206-3

Top Hit Chart

Top Hit Chart 2014-11-22-206-5

Top Hit Chart

Top Hit Chart 2014-11-22-206-6


21 November / Friday


5sta Family

"Tak byvaet"

Zlata ft. Dj Amice


Frequency & Soulcircuit Feat. Diia

"Lost (Original Mix)"

Top Hit Chart

Top Hit Chart 2014-11-22-206-4

Scotty feat. Enveray

"Long Story Short (Bodybangers Remix Edit)"

Calmani and Grey

"Indestructible (Crooper Remix)"

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